About Us

Established in 1963, The HVB journey begins from the proud and humble roots of Hindi Vidya Bhavan, SSC curriculum, followed by HVB Academy, ICSE curriculum and now to HVB Global Academy, CIE and IBDP curriculums. HVB firmly believes in an education that is relevant and meaningful to our students in the 21st Century. HVB champions its role astutely forwards in a synchronized and harmonious partnership with all its stakeholders in order to achieve its action plan for a momentous present and a resounding future. At HVB each student is a success story in the making and all our students are enthused and equipped with tools to lead them on in a world that will demand of them to be thinkers, collaborators, innovators and global leaders of the future.

  • Inquiry-based student centered lessons
  • Focus on developing student's Metacognition
  • Plan for each learner's unique needs
  • Enable connections not only between and across subject areas, but also to the real world
  • Guided by a sense of international mindedness and social responsibility
  • Believe in a holistic approach to education.

We understand the need of the hour and so the focus is on pedagogical guidance to align with practicing strategies. Due care is taken to provide both academic stimulation and a wide variety of educational experiences beyond the classroom. Emphasis on technology integration, interactive classrooms, experiential learning is great value add-on. The individual learner is valued and an annual evaluation of pedagogical practices and procedures are made to ensure that each student gains to the maximum.

Dr. Chandrakanta R. Pathak

Principal & CEO

President HVB Alumni Association